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Mike is the real deal, and there are a million reasons he truly is Madison’s best.

Words by Liz

I wanted to kick my fitness programming up a notch and get stronger, but I wanted to do my workouts on my own time, on my own to fit my busy schedule. I knew online coaching was what I was looking for, but I was worried that meant I wouldn’t get the full experience of a personal trainer, watered down workouts that are one size fits all where a lot of the motivation to keep going would fall on me. But I heard amazing things about Mike, so I wanted to give his programming a try. After working with him on day one, I realized how wrong my assumptions were.

Mike is an expert in his craft and truly cares about his clients’ success. Saying he is attentive is an understatement, even virtually. Mike answers all my questions (I’m a reporter, so I have tons) at any time of day, his responses often accompanied by a demonstrational video he records himself that very moment. It’s like he’s right there with me, even making the smallest tweaks to my form at a moment’s notice, all while being one of the greatest motivators I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

Mike’s individualized approach sets his clients up to succeed. Mike knows what he’s talking about, and he listens to his clients’ goals.

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