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This is Mike.


I was born, raised, and live here in Madison, WI, and I am an ACE certified personal trainer and licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. I love having a good time and aim to leave the world a better place — so, while I take my profession seriously, when it comes to myself, not so much. As a trainer, I hope that my passion for life and fitness is a central part of all of my workouts and sessions I have with my clients.


Each client I work with receives a comprehensive movement and strength analysis. This analysis gives us a firm starting point, and allows me to work together with each person to build a workout tailored to their goals, working within any limitations they may have. Your workouts should be fun, and they should be individual to you.


I know that working out is only one aspect of your life, but I hope that I can help you find joy in your workouts, assist as you build up your strength and mobility, helping you to thrive.


What we do together is a small part of your week, but I hope we can take this one small part and use it to improve your life beyond the workout session.

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