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Sessions & Pricing

I offer private one-on-one in-person sessions in Madison, Wisconsin. 

I also offer online fitness training, with your own personally designed program, to help you achieve your fitness goals at your own pace.


Whatever your needs and goals are, rest assured I will work with you one on one to determine what method is right for you, and how I can best support you, at whatever point you are on your journey. 

Learn more about how I work below, and feel free to call or email for inquiries!

Why Train With Mike?


Every person is different. So, every fitness program should be different.


Our Initial Assessment / Introduction Call helps you and I  determine - is this a good fit? 

We'll talk about your current goals,

identify your "Why?"  and learn about your overall history

Any injuries to consider, or health problems in the past? Working in a time crunch?

We think about these obstacles at the beginning and develop your program around them to help you achieve your goals as holistically and efficiently as possible. 


We co-create your personalized training program to help you achieve your goals, ASAP.

Your Custom Built Training Program is designed to suit your lifestyle. Flexible enough to take into account your changing schedule and time commitments while ensuring you are continuously making progress.

Your program is built to suit YOU. And I help you stick to that.

You will also learn the "how" and the "why" of your program on our one-on-one calls. Understanding the reasoning behind your program will help you stay motivated to achieve it. 


I succeed when you succeed. 

Whether in person or online, I support my clients on their journey to achieving their fitness goals in every way I can. 


Do you prefer phone calls, emails, group zoom sessions, quick texts? Let's talk about it and set you up for success. 

Weekly Accountability – For any program or nutrition tweaks, and ensure weekly goals are met.

Adjustments – Whether you need extra rest, are fighting a cold, or going on vacation, we can always adjust the program to your needs.


Unlimited Support – You will have unlimited access to me any time you have questions or need a little boost.

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