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Looking for a positive way to learn how to improve your strength and mobility?
Look no further.

I want to help you thrive.

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Voted Best Personal Trainer in Madison in 2022, I thrive when my clients thrive.

My clients see me as a partner, who can help guide them on a path to a healthier and more meaningful life. As a trainer, I hope that my passion for life and fitness is a central part of all of the workouts and sessions I have with my clients.

Too often, we focus on the negatives about our bodies, which makes time exercising less joyous and more tedious. When you work with me, I want enjoyment and fulfillment to be central. The same workout won't work for everyone, so let's work together to find something that challenges you, but also helps you develop strength, mobility, and confidence.


As an ACE certified personal trainer and licensed Physical Therapist, I lean on my 15+ years in Physical Therapy and combine the science of fitness into a fun and easy-to-understand personalized program.


When you work with me, you will receive a comprehensive movement and strength analysis. I then work with you to create a customized workout program tailored to your goals. We will work within any limitations you may have, and design a customized nutrition program to help you stay on track.

I know that working out is only one aspect of your life, but I hope that I can help you find joy in your workouts, build up your strength and mobility, and help set you up for the rest of your life to thrive.


What we do together is a small part of your week, but I hope we can take this small part and use it to improve your life beyond the workout session.

"Mike isn’t just the best personal trainer in Madison, he’s also one of the greatest, most genuine people you’ll ever meet. When you have the support of one of your best friends cheering you on in and out of the gym, you really feel like there’s no limit to what you can do. "

Jeffrey Anderson

Client Testimonials

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